Vacation House in Pylos

Vacation House in Pylos



Pylos, Messinia, Greece

The concept derives from the natural environment, historical past and overall impression of Messinia. The design deals with the interdependence of the house and its surroundings by dividing the interior into introverted and extroverted spaces, into private or more public areas, while ranking viewpoints and spatial roles of varying significance. The resulting microcosm encourages participation in a series of actions related to the familiar and non-familiar, stimulating sensations and feelings that correspond to the ambience of the moment. The overall organization is laid out as a sum of individual volumes pertaining to the gradation of vistas and architectural spaces.

A modular structure thus arises, indicating the balance of these relationships and effortlessly highlighting the reason behind the design. The architecture is focused on materiality and emerges as an extension of the natural landscape while recalling memories of the architectural tradition of Messinia. The building acts as a mediator between the user and the local building idiom by unfolding a narrative about the time that has passed and the one that is yet to come, a narrative characterized by various intersecting flows of investigation.