Selected Projects

Slow Living Resort in Cyclades

Layers Villa

Cascading Terraces

Active Materiality

Athens LifeTech Park

Tableau Blanc

Villa “Π”

Kifissias 4 EST

The Helix

Beachfront Villa, Navarino Residences

Horizontal Folds

The Wave

Glade House

The Elysium

Gerakas City Hall & Cultural Center

National Bank of Greece Securities Branch Network

Kindergarten of German School of Athens

Anatolia Elementary School

Nea Kentriki Odos

New Acropolis Museum

Samos Natural History Museum

Grand Egyptian Museum

Office & Retail Building on Kifissias Av.

Office & Retail Building on Veikou Avenue

Offices, Retail & Open-air Cinema Complex at Pharos Psychikou

Athens International Airport Office Building

“Olympic Aviation” Complex

Golf Front Villa, Navarino Residences

Panorama Villa, Navarino Residences

Floating House

Vacation House in Pylos

Cube 2

The Sea Through Effect

Shedia Home, Restaurant, Bar & Shop

Retail and Leisure Centre

Athens Olympic Tennis Center

AEL FC Arena Football Stadium

“Evmareia” Resort

White Boxes Resort

Flisvos Marina

Ridge House

Serpentine House