The twist

The twist


Office - Administration

Athens, Greece
3D Visualization

Batis Studio


The design proposes a new concept for the building envelope and internal layouts with the aim to radically transform the existing hotel into a luxurious five-star Hotel, Spa and Restaurant. All design alterations focus on seamlessly working together so that the hotel building functions as a whole. Starting from the ground level, the facade opens up to the street with large, glazed areas and the proposed public program of the building is in “dialogue” with the street and everyday city life. For the upper floors, where the rooms are located, we have developed a three-dimensional faceted structure of interlocking modules taking the form of ovals, triangles, and soft curves. This gesture results in a building envelope that opens to the neighborhood and visually orients the structure towards the corner giving the building a sense of movement. The interlocking modules also filter the levels of light going through the generously proportioned orthogonal windows and create flowing patterns of light and shadows inside, ultimately trying to maintain the balance between solidity and transparency. Privacy between the rooms is partially provided by the sculptural room dividers and natural planting, which introduce nature and greenery as a design element.