The Elysium

The Elysium



Kavouri, Athens, Greece

The purpose of the design was to find a balance between two complementary experiences that the proposed architecture had to convey. On the one hand, it had to refer to the local language and, on the other, to look forward to the future and to respond to modern needs. The result is a residential complex that extends across six levels, occupying a curvilinear building volume – a building which references from the rippling waves, the decks and full sails of the sailing ships, to the whitewashed serpentine drystone walls that are ubiquitous to the Cycladic landscape. The interior spaces of the complex retain both the urban and the natural element, combining a modern cosmopolitan atmosphere with a traditional locality. In the end, the shared indoor and outdoor functions ensure a stay in a luxurious environment that covers the entire range of services that the complex’s target group is after.

World Architecture Community Awards 2018