White Boxes Resort

White Boxes Resort



Mykonos Island, Greece
3D Visualization

Batis Studio


The Resort is located in the prominent Cycladic island of Mykonos; it consists of a combination of rooms, suites, circulation spaces and the main hotel building and proposes a dialectic relationship with the attributes of the site. Situated on a hill slope over multiple successive levels, the modules of the rooms are reminiscent of local drystone walls, while the repetitive motifs/voids remind the viewer of a traditional Cycladic dovecote. As the design is also driven by the relationship between the built environment and the landscape, the sea views are dominant and all spaces open up to it. A prime feature of the complex is the main hotel building with a spacious outdoor common area in front of it that includes a linear, infinity-edge pool and endless views of the sea.

A’ Design Award 2018 Bronze
A’ Design Award and Competition