Ridge House

Ridge House





Messinia, Peloponnese, Greece
3D Visualization

Batis Studio


From the early stages of the design process, we envisaged a building which is in constant “dialogue” with the historic and immediate natural context, proposing the re-interpretation of local elements/artefacts relating to the “old” and the “new”, the “natural” and “man-made”, the light and shadow, towards the culmination of the composition. The main building volume is expressed as a dynamic articulated and at the same time sculptural form that extends to the whole width of the site, engaging in a play between primary and secondary planes, informed by the archetypical layout of the Palladian Villa, with the centrally positioned atrium kai all other functions distributed around it. With the proposed design the atrium is divided into two parts by a main circulation axis to enhance the concept of the building as a mediator between the user and the landscape. The transition along the main axis is expressed as the theoretical and practical connection with the sole purpose to unfold to the main view as a primary parameter of the whole composition.